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Friday, July 30, 2010





Directed by Robert Luketic
Produced by Scott Aversano
Jason Goldberg
Mike Karz
Ashton Kutcher
Chad Marting
Christopher S. Pratt
Josie Rosen
Written by Bob DeRosa
Ted Griffin
Starring Katherine Heigl
Ashton Kutcher
Music by Rolfe Kent
Cinematography Russell Carpenter
Editing by Mary Jo Markey
Studio Katalyst Films
Distributed by Lionsgate
Release date(s) June 4, 2010 (2010-06-04)
Running time 100 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $75 Million
Gross revenue $70,846,659[1]


After a break-up with a spontaneous boyfriend, an overly cautious Jen Kornfeldt (Katherine Heigl) travels to Nice with her parents (Tom Selleck and Catherine O'Hara). While going into an elevator to go to her hotel room, she sees Spencer (Ashton Kutcher). Spencer asks her to dinner and she accepts. The scene then changes to Spencer sneaking onto a boat, taking out a guard, then putting a time bomb on the bottom of a helicopter. He then swims back and goes on the date with Jen.

After a night of drinking, Jen reveals that she's not the spontaneous person she's been pretending to be and in return Spencer bluntly tells her that he's a contract killer, albeit unhappy about being one. Unfortunately she's already passed out and hasn't heard. In spite of this, Spencer decides that Jen's the woman he's been looking for and decides to marry her. When Spencer tells his boss Holbrook (Martin Mull) his plan, the response is the obvious: "You don't just quit being a contract killer". Spencer is defiant and goes ahead with his plan.

Three years later, they are settled into their new normal life. After Spencer surprises Jen with a remodeled office, she gives him a birthday surprise: tickets to Nice to celebrate his birthday and their three years. Because of the hitman connections to Nice, Spencer is less than enthusiastic. When her friends ask about his reaction, they take it as signs of that he might be getting bored and fill her head with doubts.

Meanwhile Spencer gets a postcard from his old boss and the ultimatum to take another job. While trying to refuse him long distance, Jen's father shows up to take Spencer to dinner, so Spencer hangs up the phone, prompting a suspicion in Mr. Kornfeldt. This is fueled further when Jen's dad see the postcard and quizzes him about the XOXX (hugs and kisses), being odd coming from a former boss.

Stopping home to change, Spencer finds that the dinner invite is just a detour to bring him to a surprise party. While Spencer navigates drunk friends, Jen's friends continue to fill her head with doubts over Spencer's lack of enthusiasm for the Nice trip. This is further irritated, when the following morning, despite her attempts to be physical with him, Spencer rushes Jen off on her business trip.

A little while later, Jen comes back (without having gone on her trip) to find Spencer being tossed around their house by Henry (Rob Riggle), Spencer's friend and co-worker. Spencer screams for her to get his gun (of which she was unaware) and she shoots the attacker in the arm. While interrogating the attacker, he reveals that there is a $20 Million USD dollar bounty on Spencer's head. An unidentified sniper takes pot shots at them, and Spencer and Jen flee.

After escaping, they go to a hotel room where Spencer's old boss is staying, but find that someone has already killed him. Jen demands that they go to her dad for help, but Spencer disagrees. In the middle of their argument Jen vomits, and declares that she might be pregnant.

Heading back to his office for Jen to take a pregnancy test, Spencer is attacked by his secretary (Katheryn Winnick) and realizes that there are others who know about the contract. Jen then reveals that she is pregnant and is leaving Spencer.

Left alone, Spencer is attacked by the UDE driver, who is killed by Olivia (Lisa Ann Walter), Henry's wife and another assassin vying for the contract. She then attacks Spencer and is killed by Jen, who came to rescue him. The two discuss their possible future and return to their neighborhood, which is holding its annual block party. When they first arrive they are attacked by two assassins. They escape and head to the block party. As they walk through the block party they receive many suspicious looks from neighbors. They enter their house to retrieve guns and their passports. Spencer is grabbing the guns when he is attacked by two assassins who he eventually kills.

Meanwhile, one assassin Kristen (Casey Wilson), one of Jen's best friends, holds Jen's mother as a hostage in a Mexican standoff with Jen. Jen's father arrives and kills the assassin. He then explains that he was the one who put out the bounty on Spencer. He knew of Spencer's previous work, and hired the neighbors and co-workers three years before in case Spencer started working for the his old boss again, who Jen's father says had "gone dirty". After seeing the postcard from Holbrook in Spencer's office, he came to the conclusion that Spencer had re-accepted his old job and activated the assassins. He reveals that he had been a contract killer as well, and that he was actually the target Spencer was supposed to kill in Nice three years earlier.

Wanting to prove that he really did get out of the business and had no desire to kill her father, Spencer drops his gun. Jen, now convinced, turns on her father and says, "So you're not really a pilot? I've been dodging bullets all day because of you and that's not good for the baby." Realizing that he will be a grandfather, Jen's father also puts down his gun and the family makes peace. The movie ends showing Spencer and Jen's father working on some wires near Spencer and Jen's baby's crib. Spencer and Jen then leave to let Jen's mom and dad babysit. They all leave the room and when they close the doors lasers turn on to protect the baby.

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