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Friday, July 23, 2010

Inception English movie DVD RIP

Inception English movie

Movie Play Snapshots

Movie Details

Directed by Christopher Nolan
Produced by Christopher Nolan
Emma Thomas
Written by Christopher Nolan
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio
Ken Watanabe
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Marion Cotillard
Ellen Page
Tom Hardy
Cillian Murphy
Dileep Rao
Tom Berenger
Michael Caine
Music by Hans Zimmer[1]
Cinematography Wally Pfister
Editing by Lee Smith
Studio Legendary Pictures
Syncopy Films
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date(s) London premiere:
July 13, 2010 (2010-07-13)
United States:
July 16, 2010 (2010-07-16)
Running time 148 minutes[2]
Country United States
Language English
Budget $160,000,000[3]
Gross revenue $108,095,161 [4]


Dominic "Dom" Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) washes up on a beach, where he is detained by armed Japanese men. Cobb and Arthur appear in front of Saito (Ken Watanabe). They are on an extraction mission. Cobb finds what should be the information they are looking for, but discovers the information is incomplete - Saito is aware of the deception and has redacted a paragraph from the document. Aware that he has been deceived, Saito uses his subconscious to cause the dream to collapse, aided by the mysterious Mal (Marion Cotillard). He awakens to find himself in his secret hideout as an angry mob close in. He tells Cobb his deception was obvious, but becomes impressed with Cobb once he discovers he is still dreaming - he feels a rug on the floor which is made of the incorrect material. The mission is aborted and everyone is awoken. Cobb and Arthur blame Nash for failing to design the hideout's rug with the correct material. The team splits up and leaves in order to evade capture by Cobol Engineering; it is later revealed that Cobol put a price on Cobb's head. Cobb and Arthur meet up in a Tokyo hotel and try to leave from the roof via helicopter, but as they are about to enter the helicopter, they are confronted by Saito. Saito has Nash in his custody and tells Cobb and Arthur their architect betrayed them by offering Saito their whereabouts in return for clemency. Saito offers Cobb a handgun to kill Nash, but he refuses. Saito has his men take Nash away; although the businessman promises not to hurt Nash, he cannot guarantee that Cobol Engineering will not.

Despite their attempt at extraction, Saito acts cordial to Cobb and Arthur and asks them to perform the act of inception - secretly implanting an idea in the mind of a person. Although Arthur claims it cannot be done because the mind will always recognize an idea that is not its own, Cobb believes that inception is possible and is will to hear Saito out. Their target is Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy), the son of Saito's terminally ill corporate rival Maurice Fischer (Pete Postlethwaite). The objective is to make Fischer dismantle his father's empire to prevent it from becoming a global monopoly and running Saito out of business. Cobb and Arthur accept the offer and Saito instructs them to find a better architect. Cobb travels to Paris to meet Miles, his mentor and father-in-law, who is a professor of architecture at a university. Miles introduces him to Ariadne (Ellen Page), a student he claims is even better than Cobb. Cobb introduces Ariadne to the world of the shared dream and teaches her the fundamental rules that govern the dreamscape. After being attacked by an apparition of Mal, Ariadne refuses to take part, but is drawn back by the appeal of pure, intuitive creation. As Arthur teaches her the more-intricate principals of the dreamscape, Cobb travels to Mombasa to recruit Eames (Tom Hardy), a forger who shifts identities inside dreams. They also meet Yusuf (Dileep Rao), a chemist who develops the sedatives needed to enter the dreamscape.

Ariadne, suspicious of Cobb and the apparitions of Mal, follows Cobb into the dream world where she finds Cobb has built a realm entirely of his memories over the course of decades. After witnessing the moment Cobb realizes he is forced to abandon his children, Ariadne flees to a memory of a hotel room. Cobb reveals that he and Mal had spent time in the shared dream together, building an entire world of their own. However, upon exiting the dream, Mal became convinced that she was still dreaming, and committed suicide to escape back to reality. She attempts to convince Cobb to follow her, and when he refuses, she stages the hotel room to look like a fight had occurred and reveals she has sent a letter to their attorney, claiming that she was afraid for her life at Cobb's hands and thus forcing Cobb to flee the United States. In return for successfully completing inception inside Fischer's mind, Saito is promises to clear the charges and reunite Cobb with his children. Cobb reveals that he can no longer dream without entering the dreamscape, and that he cannot build within the dream world because doing so would reveal the exact details of the dreamscape to his subconscious, and therefore his projection of Mal.

Eames deconstructs the idea the team wishes to plant in Fischer's mind to its simplest form and builds a plan around it based on Fischer's complex relationship with his father. The plan requires the use of several "levels" of dream, with each one representing a deeper level of Fischer's subconscious. When Fischer's father dies, the team join him on a flight from Sydney, drugging him and drawing him into the world of the dream. Yusuf is the host of the first dream, a city in the midst of a downpour (the result of Yusuf having a full bladder when entering the dream world). Whilst in the process of abducting Fischer, the team are attacked by a mercenary force, a projection of Fischer's subconscious and Saito is seriously injured. Cobb is angry that Arthur - charged with researching their target - missed the fact that Fischer had training to prevent extractors breaking into his mind. The team want to abort the mission, but Cobb reveals that it is not possible: because of the complexity of the drugs involved and the use of several layers of dreams within dreams, dying within the dreamscape will not return them to the waking world, but condemn them to a state of limbo where they are unable to establish the difference between reality and the dream, and so are trapped. They have no choice but to delve further into Fischer's subconscious, with the new layers of the dream state minimizing Saito's injuries.

Eames assumes the identity of Peter Browning (Tom Berenger), Fischer's godfather who he refers to as "Uncle Peter", to try to extract information from him. Fischer claims that he has no knowledge of Browning's claims, that Ficher the elder had a safe in his office that contained his Last Will and Testament, one that would override his existing one and cut his son out of his inheritance. After Fischer refuses to reveal the safe combination, the team board a van and drug Fischer before entering the second dream, a hotel hosted by Arthur. Yusuf does not enter the second dream so as to protect the team from Fischer's subconscious. There, they adopt the risky strategy of telling Fischer that he is in a dream, manipulating him into believing that the team are the projections of his subconscious and that his actual projections are extractors sent after him. Earning Fischer's trust, they convince him that the kidnapping in the first dream was orchestrated by Browning in an attempt to get his hands on Fischer's empire. Their plan is to enter "Browning's" subconscious to find out the contents of the safe, but in reality they enter deeper into Fischer's. Like Yusuf, Arthur does not enter the next dream in the sequence.

The third dream, hosted by Eames, is in a snowbound fortress high in the mountains. While Saito and Fischer enter the compound, Eames busies himself with stopping Fischer's subconscious from attacking. Ariadne and Cobb stay behind to watch over the scene and prevent Mal from interfering. However, Saito's injuries from the first dream slow him down and Eames cannot hold off the subconscious forever. Saito and Fischer make it to the safe - represented by a large vault - before Saito expires, and Mal appears within the fortress, killing Fischer and sending him to limbo before he can enter the vault despite Cobb's efforts to prevent her from doing so. With everything riding on Fischer finding out the contents of the vault, Ariadne proposes the risky strategy of entering limbo and retrieving Fischer. The fourth dream, hosted by Cobb, is limbo, represented by the city he created with Mal as it steadily collapses into the ocean. Cobb and Ariadne journey through the wasteland to find Mal in the deepest levels of his subconscious. When confronted by the vision of his dead wife, Cobb reveals that he knows why inception is possible: while experimenting with the dreamscape, Mal had not wanted to leave, and so Cobb had planted an idea in her mind that she was living in a dream world with the intention of prompting her into waking up. His plan succeeded better than he had intended, because when she woke up, Mal was still convinced she was dreaming, leading to her suicide. As Ariadne locates Fischer and escapes, Cobb accepts that Mal is dead and any reflection of her within the dream world will not replace her. Cobb stays behind to locate Saito and bring him back to reality as Saito is Cobb's only chance of returning home. Meanwhile, Fischer is able to return to the fortress and enter the vault where he finds his father on his deathbed and a safe that contains a paper pinwheel he had made as a boy. Fischer senior tells his son that he was disappointed Robert had tried to be like his old man, and instead implores him to live his own life however he chooses, thus successfully completing inception.

The team's exit strategy depends upon the use of a "kick", a sensation of falling or a sharp jolt to startle the person awake. In order to escape back to reality, the team plan on staging a series of concurrent kicks, timed precisely to awaken them in reality from the deepest level of Fischer's subconscious. The team use a recording of the song Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien, played to the host of the dream to warn the team that a kick is imminent. The first kick is to come when Yusuf drives his van off a bridge. The second kick comes when Arthur detonates explosives under the team's hotel room, causing them to fall down. The third kick comes from Eames planting high explosives around the fortress, causing it to collapse. The final, unplanned kick in the limbo realm comes when Ariadne throws Fischer from a balcony and jumps after him. However, things take a turn for the worse when Yusuf is trapped on a bridge with an armed mercenary, and he is forced to start his kick early. This creates a problem for Arthur, because the physical world can impact upon the dream state. As the van falls from the bridge, the hotel experiences a state of zero gravity, thus making the plan to make the floor collapse impossible. Arthur moves the team to the elevator where he uses explosives to propel the elevator up the shaft to the roof, where the sudden change in direction will cause everyone to wake simultaneously. At the fortress, Eames' explosives go off, causing a tower to collapse with the team inside. They wake up in the hotel as the elevator changes direction, causing a kick and waking them up inside Yusuf's van as it hits the water below, sending them back to the trans-Pacific flight.

Cobb stays in limbo as Saito had succumbed to his injuries, so he must find him. The film returns to the first scene in which Cobb locates an aged Saito (his 'dying' had placed him even deeper into the dreamworld, where time flows even more slowly than the other three layers above him, and had aged considerably in the brief time since his 'death') and tells him that they need to escape back to reality. Saito picks up a handgun in order to shoot himself and wake up. Cobb suddenly awakens to find everyone on the plane, including Saito, up and well. Saito honors their arrangement and Cobb enters the United States, reunited with his children at home. Cobb spins the top to test reality, but is distracted by his children. The top begins to wobble, but the scene cuts to the credits which leaves the question of whether Cobb is still dreaming.

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