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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps English Movie Dvd Rip

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps English Movie



Directed by Oliver Stone
Produced by Edward R. Pressman
Eric Kopeloff
Screenplay by Allan Loeb
Stephen Schiff
Story by Bryan Burrough
Starring Michael Douglas
Shia LaBeouf
Josh Brolin
Carey Mulligan
Music by Craig Armstrong
Cinematography Rodrigo Prieto
Editing by David Brenner
Julie Monroe
Studio Edward R. Pressman Film
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date(s) September 24, 2010 (2010-09-24)
Running time 127 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $70 million[1][2]
Gross revenue $58,907,411[2]
Preceded by Wall Street


Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) is released from prison in October 22, 2001 after an almost eight-year prison sentence for securities fraud. Out of habit, he approaches a limo  pulling up to the prison, only to discover that the car was picking up another inmate. As the rest of the released prisoners joyously greet their families and go home, Gekko is left standing all alone.

Seven years later, Jacob "Jake" Moore (Shia LaBeouf) is awakened in his apartment by his girlfriend, Winnie (Carey Mulligan). Jake turns on the television, and there is an interview with Gekko on television. Gekko has become an author and a lecturer promoting his new book, "Is Greed Good?" Winnie gets upset and throws the remote at the TV after Jake does not turn it off. Winnie is Gekko’s estranged daughter and wants nothing to do with him. Jake drives Winnie to the airport on his motorbike, and she goes off to gather investors for her online political magazine.

Jake goes to work again at Keller Zabel Investments (the film's fictionalized version of Bear Stearns), one of Wall Street's major investment banks. He tries to raise more money for a fusion research project, which will be a viable source of alternative energy down the line, but the rest of the board does not agree with him. Jake is one of the firm’s top proprietary traders and the protégé of its managing director, Lewis Zabel (Frank Langella). Zabel has become disillusioned with the industry and does not understand how he can be told a loss is a profit. He gives Jake a 1.495 million dollar bonus and tells him to spend it and keep the economy going. Zabel also encourages Jake to marry Winnie and have a kid since he knows that growing old is not for the weak and that Jake needs her.

Jake goes out to celebrate with his best friend and buys Winnie a ring. He mentions that Winnie is not big on marriage, given the outcome of her parents' marriage, but Jake knows that she loves him and he loves her. His friend asks about rumors that Keller Zabel is in danger, but Jake brushes it off. He bets his broker friend that Keller Zabel stock will be going up and invests the remaining million of his bonus.

The next day the company’s stock starts crashing and loses nearly fifty percent of its value. Jake's broker friend urges Jake to sell his shares to at least come out without even one ounce of debt, because Jake had leveraged up his million dollar position in the stock to 1.5 million through margin. Jake ignores his friend's suggestion to sell and goes looking for Lou Zabel. Zabel doesn't come in to work so Jake goes and finds him walking his wife's dog in the park. Jake asks him if Keller Zabel is going to go under, but Zabel just tells him that the right question is, "Who isn't?"

Zabel meets with the heads of major financial institutions and the Secretary of the US Treasury at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Zabel tries to arrange a bank bailout, but he is blocked by Bretton James (Josh Brolin), the CEO of Churchill Schwartz (the film's fictionalized fusion of JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs), that Zabel had refused to bail out eight years prior when they were going under. James insults Zabel by offering to buy Keller Zabel stock at 2 dollars a share (against its 79 dollar trading value from three weeks prior). Zabel gives in and they settle for 3 dollars a share.

The next morning Zabel wakes up and has breakfast with his wife. He goes to a newsstand and picks up a bag of potato chips and a newspaper. He goes down to the subway, and, as a train pulls in, Zabel pushes towards the front of the line and jumps on the tracks.

Jake hears the news of Lou Zabel's suicide on the television as Winnie returns from her trip. She hugs him and consoles him. Jake then proposes to her because Lou previously told him not to wait. Winnie agrees to marry him.

Jake attends a lecture given by Gordon Gekko and hears what Gekko has to say about the upcoming financial crisis. In Gekkos' new book he reveals that in his opinion the unrestrained speculation will cause a financial cataclysm, even though everybody is euphoric about the current financial bubble. After the lecture ends, Jake approaches Gekko and tells him that he’s about to marry Winnie. They ride the train together, and Gekko explains that his daughter won’t speak to him because of her brother Rudy’s suicide. Jake sees that Gekko has a photo of Winnie as a toddler and asks if he can have it. Gekko tells him that he will trade Jake for a more recent photograph of Winnie. Gekko gives him the photo and his card so that Jake will find him later on. He also tells Jake that Keller Zabel was in trouble the minute someone started rumors about them and that Jake should look for whoever profited from Keller Zabel’s collapse. From now on, Gekko and Jake agree to make a "trade", so that Jake would enable Gekko to communicate with his estranged daughter, and, in return, Gekko would help Jake collect secret information to destroy Bretton, who ruined Jake's mentor. Thus Gekko reveals his characteristic philosophy of life, where every deal that he makes in return for something is nothing but a trade.

With the help of Gekko, who is very resourceful, Jake does some digging and realizes that Bretton James profited from the Keller Zabel collapse. In order to get his attention, Jake spreads rumors about the nationalization of an African oil rig that Bretton’s company owns. The company loses 120 million dollars, and Bretton asks for a meeting with Jake. At the meeting, he tells Jake that he is impressed and offers Jake a job, making it clear that if Jake doesn’t accept he will have a lot of trouble being hired anywhere else. Determined to take Bretton out and avenge Zabel, Jake accepts.

Jake visits Gekko again and gives him the photo of Winnie that he promised. Gekko tells Jake that his research pointed out that the Locust Fund, a private offshore hedge fund, was betting against Keller Zabel. Jake explains that he was offered a job by Bretton James, and Gekko tells Jake that he suspects it was James’ testimony which got him sent away for eight years. Jake is confused, having assumed that it was Bud Fox who put Gekko away. Gekko explains that Bud Fox got him on insider trading but that was nothing compared to some of Gekko's other activities. He and Bretton had a falling out, and, though he doesn't know for sure, he suspects that Bretton was behind it. Gekko asks for another trade: he wants to have a face to face with his daughter.

Winnie and Jake go out to Long Island to meet with Jake’s mother. She asks for $200,000 to float her properties. Jake gives it to her, but Winnie tells Jake in private that she's only going to waste her chance again. She asks him to take her very expensive ring back because she isn't comfortable wearing something so expensive. Jake pretends that he called Gekko to have dinner and ask his approval so he and Winnie go to have dinner with him. During their reintroductions, Gekko sees Graydon Carter, the editor in chief of Vanity Fair, and introduces himself, only to be brushed off as a nobody. Winnie realizes that Gekko hasn't changed and leaves upset. Jake pursues her and she tells him that if he goes back, Gekko will destroy them.

At work, Jake is put on the sideline so that Bretton's point woman can take over a pitch to the Chinese. They are unimpressed with her pitch, stating that they are looking for the next big thing in energy. Jake swoops in and presents them with the fusion research he has been supporting. Bretton is impressed by Jake's initiative and is glad that the firm has made more money. However, the firm is in trouble but Bretton doesn't want anyone to know. The economy is slowly starting to crumble. Bretton hosts a fundraiser and invites Jake and Winnie. Gekko asks Jake to front him 10K so that Gekko can also attend and have another chance to reconcile with Winnie.

Gekko approaches Winnie and Jake at Bretton’s table, but Winnie leaves when Gekko arrives. Gekko and Bretton exchange a tense conversation where Gekko implies that he has proof that Bretton is responsible for putting him away. Bretton gets uncomfortable but points out that Gekko is no one. Gekko leaves him to find Winnie. Bretton tells Jake that the Chinese are going to invest 150 million in the fusion research Jake has been supporting. Jake calls the head researcher and tells him that the money is on its way.

Wandering around the party, Gekko ends up bumping into Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen). Fox did his time in prison and went on to build Blue Star into one of the premier airlines in the country. He sold the company and retired a multimillionaire. He wishes Gekko well and tells him to stay out of trouble. Outside of the building, Gekko finds Winnie and tells her that he's sorry for what happened and that she's all he has. She hugs him and Jake watches them have their moment.

The day the economy collapses, Jake is at his apartment and tells Winnie that the world as they know it is over. Winnie tells him that is unacceptable because she is pregnant. Jake is floored but excitedly happy and kisses her.

The economy is in the tank. Numerous companies are failing. Bretton calls Jake into his office and Jake takes a helicopter to meet Bretton at his estate. The two participate in a motorcycle race against each other and Jake beats Bretton. Bretton tells Jake that the money the Chinese invested is going into fossil fuels instead of fusion research. Jake gets angry knowing that Bretton is trying to sink the fusion research since it is not profitable, even though it would benefit the entire world. Bretton would be unable to control the source once the technology becomes known, unlike with the oil industry. Jake quits and tells Bretton to go fuck himself.

Jake tells Gekko about what happened, and Gekko reveals that there is a solution: Winnie has an account in Switzerland with 100 million dollars, which Gekko set up in the 1980s when she was born. He told her that once he was out of jail, he would need that money to reassert himself, but Winnie reneged when Rudy died. Jake could use that money to fund the research and save the company. But since Winnie never declared it, she could go to jail for tax evasion. Gekko tells Jake that he can embezzle it with his old contacts. Jake believes him and goes to talk to Winnie.

At Winnie's office, Jake asks why she never mentioned the money. Winnie is shocked that he knows, but Jake gets enthusiastic about the fusion research and tells her that this is her chance to make a difference. She agrees and the two fly to Switzerland. She signs the money over to Jake. Jake then entrusts the money to Gekko so that he can legitimize the funds for the investment in the fusion research company.

A few hours after returning to New York, Jake gets a call saying that the money never arrived. He gets frantic, but his mother interrupts him before he goes to deal with Gekko. She asks for 100,000 dollars but Jake gives her 30K and tells her that he cannot afford to waste any more money on her ridiculous real estate deals. He goes to Gekko's apartment and finds it empty: he's gone.

Jake tells Winnie what happened and that he's been talking to Gekko for a while. She breaks off their engagement and tells Jake to leave: she no longer trusts him or feels safe around him. He leaves bitterly and tracks Gekko to England, where Gekko is running a financial company again with the 100 million he stole from Winnie and Jake. Jake propositions him for one last trade: Winnie gets her 100 million back and Gekko gets a grandson. Jake shows him the ultrasound of his son but Gekko, despite being moved, cannot let go of being someone of importance. He tells him that it's not about money; it's about the game. Gekko says that giving the money away is a "trade he cannot make." Jake leaves.

Over the next few weeks, by using the previous information collected by Gekko about Bretton, Jake begins piecing together everything from Keller Zabel’s collapse to the economic bailouts being issued for Bretton’s company. Jake points out that Bretton owns the LocustFund and puts the pieces together in one large information packet. He gives it to Winnie, telling her that it will put her website on the map for good as a legitimate source of information and that he misses her like crazy. He then leaves.

Winnie runs the story, and Bretton James is exposed. The board of directors kicks him out of the company, and Bretton is forced to testify to his crimes in front of the Manhattan District Attorney, who notes that they previously had Bretton's cooperation in the Gekko investigation. Bretton's career is over, and he's left to the sharks. Bretton's board of directors goes to Gekko in order to start doing business with him in view of the new credibility Gekko gained through his London firm's astounding success. He speaks to his materialistic business clients in the language they understand and respect: by correctly predicting the coming financial collapse, Gekko sold the market short and turned the $100 million that he stole from his daughter into the incredible sum of $1 billion dollars. He proudly looks at his account assets; Gekko is a billionaire again.

Jake sees Winnie walking to her apartment and helps her carry her things. Their son has been kicking and keeping her up at night. Jake feels his son's kicks and Winnie thanks him for the help but they do not reconcile. Gordon appears and tells them that he deposited the $100 million in to the fusion researcher's account anonymously. Now that Gekko attained his aim of becoming a billionaire by using the money he stole from his daughter, he finally returns that relatively small sum. He tells them that they make a good couple and that he'd like to be there for them as their father and a grandfather. He walks away saying, "What, can't you believe in a comeback?"

Jake kisses Winnie and they reconcile before the birth, and, one year later, they celebrate their son's first birthday with a party, at which Gordon is also present.

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