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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Disappearance of Alice Creed English Movie DVD RIP

The Disappearance of Alice Creed English Movie



Directed by J Blakeson
Produced by Adrian Sturges
Written by J Blakeson
Starring Gemma Arterton
Martin Compston
Eddie Marsan
Distributed by CinemaNX
Release date(s) 30 April 2010[1]
Running time 98 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English


The film opens with Danny and Vic hurriedly lining the inside of a transit van with plastic. We then see them shopping for a drill, a mattress and other supplies before entering a small flat and assembling a bed for the mattress, and stapling foam insulation  and board to the walls and windows of a bedroom. Then they kidnap Alice Creed. They drag her from the street into the back of the van and, with a bag over her head and ball gag in her mouth, take her back to the flat, tying her to the bed in the room they have converted into a prison cell.

Danny and Vic are two ex-convicts planning to gain a huge amount of cash on the ransom for Alice—the daughter of a rich businessman. Danny is the younger and nervier of the two, whereas Vic is hardened and wholly intimidating. After Alice tries to escape, Danny reveals himself and it turns out that Danny and Alice know each other. Danny explains to Alice that he came up with a plan to kidnap Alice for a £2M ransom and then Danny was to take the money from Vic to share with Alice. Apparently Danny and Vic are lovers that met in prison. Danny kept Alice in the dark about the plan because he wanted the kidnapping to be "authentic". Alice is horrified by the plan but then plays along in order to try and escape later. In the 2nd escape attempt, Alice pockets a mobile phone that Vic discovers and he forces Alice to reveal Danny's plan for betrayal.

During the ransom pickup, Danny and Vic move Alice to an abandoned factory. Vic and Danny visit the drop site and Vic reveals to Danny that this was a fake drop site and he knew about intended betrayal. Vic tries to kill Danny but only manages to wound him. Vic then picks up the money from the real drop site and returns to the factory to release Alice. But Danny ambushes Vic and kills him. Danny tells Alice that she should have gone along with his plans and leaves her locked up. Danny then leaves in Vic's car with the ransom money. Vic lives long enough to throw the keys to Alice, who frees herself. She walks outside to find that Danny has died from his wounds. Alice drags Danny out of the car and disappears with the ransom money.

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