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Friday, August 6, 2010

Singularity PC GAME DVD

Singularity PC GAME



Raven Software


Unreal Engine 3

1.1 (July 19, 2010)

Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Release date(s)     

    * EU June 25, 2010

    * NA June 29, 2010

First-person shooter, science fiction

Single-player, multiplayer


    * BBFC: 18[2]
    * ESRB: M
    * PEGI: 18+[3]

Blu-ray Disc, DVD

Input methods
Keyboard and mouse, gamepad


In response to the Atomic Bomb Joseph Stalin makes nuclear research the top scientific priority of the USSR. On a small island near Kamchatka scientists discover an isotope of E99 that has strange properties. A research base is established named Katorga-12. The studies continued at Katorga-12 until late 1955, when the island was destroyed by an accident. The Soviet government then erased any information about Katorga-12 and suppressed public knowledge of the accident.

In 2010, a sudden electromagnetic surge from Katorga-12 damages an American spy satellite. A military reconnaissance team is sent to investigate the uninhabited island, but a second surge causes their helicopter to crash. Captain Nathaniel Renko enters abandoned scientific complex on the island, where he phases between 1955 and 2010.

Renko is first transported back to 1955 during a major fire at the facility where he saves one Dr. Demichev. Demichev would have otherwise died in the fire and this heroic act inadvertently alters the timeline. Renko is abruptly returned to the year 2010. Renko discovers that the island has changed and encounters strange and violent creatures. He regroups with Devlin, a second survivor. Both soldiers are captured by Russian soldiers under the command of Demichev. Devlin demands asylum at the American Embasy, at which point he is executed by Demichev.

Renko is saved by an organization called MIR-12. MIR-12 is a secretive resistance organization that bases its existence off of a journal recovered from the accident that declares that one Nathaniel Renko will be able to stop Demichev using a device called the TMD. Barisov died due to an accident in a lab so only Demichev was left to work on the new found element. Barisov had created a machine called the Time Manipulation Device or the TMD. Kathryn tells Renko to find the TMD and use it to go back in time and save Barisov. Renko succeeds and returns back to 2010 with Barisov still alive.

Barisov and Renko plan to fix history by reversing the singularity with an E-99 bomb at an earlier time before the accident transformed most of the residents into mutants. Renko uses the TMD to raise a ship called the Pearl for it had a E-99 bomb in its cargo bay. Renko recovers the bomb and returns to Barisov, who informs him that Kathryn was shot and killed while providing a distraction.

The bomb was missing its most important element (the E-99 core), so Renko has to carry it to the Cooker: the giant structure where in the past isotopes of E-99 were created. The 2010 Cooker is destroyed, so Renko had to travel to an earlier time to charge the bomb. Renko charged the bomb in 1955, overloading the Cooker systems: he returns to 2010 seconds before the Cooker exploded. He and Barisov fought into the heart of Katorga-12. Renko traveled back in time and destroyed the facility with the fully charged E-99 bomb. It is implied that this explosion triggered the destruction of the Singularity and mutated the island's population.

When Renko returned to 2010, he finds the facility still the same as if nothing happened. He finds Demichev holding Barisov hostage behind him. Demichev revealed that he rebuilt the facility after the bomb was detonated (presumably at another location). Renko shoots Demichev with a nonlethal shot, freeing Barisov in the process. Barisov figured out what was wrong, believing that the facility was not the problem. The real problem was Demichev. When Renko saved Demichev at the beginning of the game, he rewrote history. Demichev also revealed that while Renko was saving him from the fire, another Renko was there trying to prevent himself from saving Demichev's life. This was the man who yelled at Renko to let Demichev die before being crushed by debris. Demichev gave an offer to grant Renko unlimited power if he gives him the TMD. Barisov protests and tells Renko to go back in time using the Singularity to power the TMD, and kill himself to turn history back to normal. The player is left with a choice resulting in 3 endings, based on whether Renko shoots Demichev, Barisov, both of them, or himself when after going back in time and thus preventing him from saving Demichev in the first place.

If the player shoots Barisov, he joins forces with Demichev and the team succeed in taking over most of the world with Renko training the Katorga-12 mutants as soldiers and using them as first wave attackers in all of his battles. But with his control of the TMD, Demichev feels Renko is even more powerful than he is and takes precautionary measures against him by starting a weapons research program in the former United States. This settles the world into another Cold War with Renko on one side and Demichev on the other, although Renko is most likely to win, seeing he has almost complete control over the East and his power is slowly consuming the West.

If the player shoots both Demichev and Barisov, Renko leaves Katorga-12 and allows the world to fall into chaos. The public believes his very existence to be a myth as he disappears with the TMD in his possession. The Singularity explodes some years later and destroys the eastern coast of Russia and the Western coast of Alaska. Katorga-12 mutants escape onto mainland Russia and wreak havoc. A new leader rises in the former United States and is reported to be very aggressive and tyrannical as he leads the entire world with an iron fist. The in-game cutscenes and narration heavily imply the leader to be Renko himself.

If the player chooses to kill Demichev, Barisov urges Renko to go back in time and kill himself as he is saving Demichev earlier (the player can also do this by just going back without shooting either men). The player then assumes the position of the man who shouted at Renko to let Demichev die in the fire, only instead of being crushed by debris, he shoots the past Renko. Shooting the past version of Renko sends the narrative back to Devlin and Renko's arrival at Katorga-12. The game's intro credits are shown written in Russian, the helicopters bear the hammer and sickle on the side, and Devlin, armed with a Russian weapon, comments that nothing ever happens on these missions and that Katorga-12 is a waste of time to be watching. The helicopter moves past the statue area seen in the intro credits, revealed to now be a massive monument to Barisov wearing the TMD. Renko seems to have retained his memories from the rest of the game as he checks his hands when he sees the monument. Renko and Devlin's mission is called off and Devlin refers to Renko as "comrade", as well as the dispatch in the end saying "Katorga-12 airspace" instead of "Russian airspace" as he did in the beginning, implying that Barisov survived the Katorga-12 cataclysm and united the world under Soviet rule using the TMD as his tool.

A post-credit scene shows a dying Kathryn emerging in 1955 from the Pearl wreckage and hiding herself in one of the offices. With her dying breath, she writes "Renko" in to the Mir-12 journal.

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